While studying at the faculty, you will acquire deep and versatile knowledge of chemistry and pharmacology, master the most modern methods of researching the composition, structure and properties of substances, study the technological processes of chemical and pharmaceutical production, and also master the modern technologies of teaching chemistry.

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Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy,
st. Elizavetinska, 14, Odesa, 65082, Ukraine.
(048) 723-82-64, e-mail:

dekan menchuk

Dean – Vasyl Menchuk 
Ph.D., Professor

Greetings from the dean

There are moments in every person's life when it is necessary to make important decisions. Now you decide: who to be? The question is not idle. You are young, you have no life experience, and your parents, teachers, and friends will try to help you in your choice. This is natural, listen to their advice calmly. But make the final choice by yourself, taking into account your personal interests, knowledge and skills. After all, it is for a long time, maybe for all your life. Any profession is good and necessary for society. I am sure that you will be able to achieve great success if you love your profession and give yourself to it fully.

You and I live in a mysterious and beautiful world, the secrets of which science is constantly revealing for us. An important place in the process of search and knowledge belongs to chemistry and medicine. Interest in chemistry, the magical world of its transformations is determined by the current state of chemistry in society. Today, chemistry is a powerful source of productive forces that contributes to scientific and technical progress. Never before in the long history of mankind has the contribution of chemistry, pharmacy and medicine to the practical activities of people been so versatile. Our century can be called the century of chemistry and pharmacy as well as the century of information technologies. Today almost the entire material essence of human civilization consists of chemical products: air and water, coal and oil, combustible gases and wood, various ores and minerals. Chemists create substances and materials that do not exist in nature.

For the flourishing of chemical and pharmaceutical science and the development of industry, highly qualified specialists are needed. Therefore, our country pays special attention to chemical and pharmaceutical education. I would like to see many of you as students of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of I.I. Mechnikov Odesa National University. This is one of the best faculties, where more than 200 students are currently studying at the bachelor's and master's qualification levels. The educational process in special disciplines is carried out by 9 doctors of sciences, professors; 24 candidates of sciences, associate professors.


We have created all the conditions for obtaining in-depth knowledge that you can use in your future work in higher educational institutions, gymnasiums, schools, industrial and pharmaceutical enterprises, or in research institutes of various profiles. You will be convinced that there are still many unsolved mysteries in chemistry for you.

At the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, you will gain deep and versatile knowledge of chemistry, pharmacology and other sciences, master the most modern methods of researching the composition, structure, and properties of substances, and study the technological processes of chemical and pharmaceutical production. Under the guidance of experienced professors and assistant professors, you will be able to conduct independent scientific research not only in the laboratories of the faculty, but also in the specialized laboratories of the O. V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. Today, the faculty works together with the Physico-Chemical Institute within the framework of the only one chemical-pharmaceutical educational-scientific-production complex in Ukraine.

Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Professor V. V. Menchuk

Graduates of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy acquire knowledge and skills that allow:

  • To be a highly educated and self-sufficient person, to adapt easily in pedagogical and scientific teams, to achieve success in any field of activity;
  • Work in pharmacies, pharmacy warehouses, pharmaceutical enterprises, hold positions of pharmacist, pharmacy manager;
  • Work in higher and secondary educational institutions - universities, academies, institutes, technical schools, secondary schools, etc.;
  • Engage in the development of new chemical technologies and the study of new substances within the framework of fundamental research in research institutions;
  • Engage in the development of directed synthesis of medicinal products, search for new methods of biopharmaceutical analysis of medicinal products;
  • To work in various positions in chemical laboratories of enterprises, bodies of state examination and certification, environmental, sanitary and customs control.

Historical roots and the present:

From the date of the basis (on May, 13th 1865г.) there were three faculties (historical-philological, legal and physical and mathematical) at Imperial Novorossiysk University. The first researches in chemistry at the university took place on three faculties which were a part of physical and mathematical faculty – chemistry, technical chemistry and faculty of agrochemistry first in Ukraine. Their organizer was the professor M. M. Sokolov, (the first dean of physical and mathematical faculty (1865 – 1868)) the founder of the first university chemical laboratories, one of initiators of release of the first chemical magazine in Russia. Since the first years of work of chemical laboratories, a lot of stereochemical problems has been solved, mutual influence of atoms in molecules was investigated. Chemists of the university have made the important contribution to development of the theory of a chemical structure O. M. Butlerov and synthetic organic chemistry. Many works of the Odessa chemists have been connected with studying questions of stereochemistry (professors E.F. Klimenko, V.M. Petriashvili, and also researches of professor S.G. Tanatar).

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